New Creative Association Fund - is a nonprofit and independent organization founded as an "alternative" in 1990.

Nowadays, when the time have become totally commercial, the "alternative" notion symbolizes "non-commercial" direction inside of "NCA" activity. Since 1990 "NCA" having been realizing the program, in which Ukraine is coordinated as a unique cultural area with deep historical memory and Kyiv City - as a phenomen on the edge of cultures between East and West. In this connection "NCA" activity clearly defined as "eastern vector." While forming cultural conception of the centre, the role of our region as mediator in a power-cultural exchange between East and West - "the windows to East" was taken into account.
"NCA" prepared and realized some cultural and art projects with representatives from Ukraine, Russian, Middle Asia, Caucasus, USA, Denmark, Norway, France and other in America, Europe and East.
"NCA" successfully co-operates with different state and private structures and funds.
"NCA" supports art representatives, who propose contemporary and experimental projects and takes an active part in contemporary art process.
Constantly act an "expedition" of the Fund, researching art heritage and creative potentials, analyzing Ukraine region possibilities.
"NCA" keep showing special projects, which contains installations, art works and photo exposition from fund collection.